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Unity Scientific Asia Pacific

Providing NIR Analysers and Spectrophotometer solutions throughout Australia and the Pacific

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Specialising in NIR Near Infrared Analysers
and Automated Analysers for Food & Raw Ingredients


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We have an NIR Analyser for Every Industry

CDR FoodLab Touch Analysers.

NEW! Affordable Food & Beverage Quality Parameter Analysers

CDR FoodLab Touch-easy to use, compact analysers for measuring a range of parameters important in the quality control of food and beverage. No calibration, no glassware, no carcinogenic reagents, no maintenance and no sample preparation! Equally ideal for small producers or laboratories and production lines. Reference method compliant with results in minutes! Models available to test beer, bottled water, fish oil, eggs,  nuts, milk & dairy products, wine, vegetable puree & sauces, frying oil, fats & oils, olive oil and shelf life determination.

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